Comedian Mail – An end-users guide

The following guide assumes you are using a Cisco SPA303 handset (or similar) with a basic configuration. It also assumes that you have voicemail activated at your extension and know your voicemail PIN. 
Unopened messages
If you have an unopened (new) message, your handset will indicate this with a red light above the display and a mailbox icon next to the relevant extension number on the right hand side of the display.
Mailbox access
If you are calling from the extension of the voicemail you wish you access, push the voicemail key (the small envelope) or dial *97. Enter your PIN on request.
If you are calling from a different extension dial *98 then enter the extension of the voice mailbox you wish to access. Enter your PIN on request.
Checking new messages
Once you have accessed your mailbox a recording will announce whether you have any new messages.
If you have new messages, you will be prompted to push ‘1’ to hear them.
Once you have listened to all of the new messages you can hang up. Your messages will be moved to the ‘Old messages’ folder.
During the playback of messages it is possible to skip forwards to the next message by dialing ‘6’ or back to the previous message by dialling ‘4’.
Once you have heard each message you can select one of the following options or dial ‘6’ to skip to the next message:
‘3’ Advanced Options (this includes the option to hear the time the message was left and the callers number
‘5’ Repeat message
‘7’ Delete message
‘8’ Forward message to another user (you will be asked for the extension number to send the message to
‘9’ Save message
Replaying old messages
To hear messages you have already listened to first access your mailbox. If you have new messages the system will announce this. At the prompt select ‘2’ to change folders then select ‘1’ for old messages.
Note: If you have no new messages, the system may prompt you to push ‘1’ for old message. This is quicker than changing folders using the method above.
Voicemail customisation
Callers are more likely to leave a message if you set a bespoke greeting (instead of the default message recorded in an American accent).
For these purposes there are two messages which must be recorded:
‘No Answer’ is used when the extension is not answered
‘Busy’ is used when the extension is on another call (engaged)
To record custom messages for your mailbox. First access your mailbox from an extension, then at the prompt dial ‘0’ for mailbox options.
You can then choose to record greetings as follows:
‘1’ Unavailable message
‘2’ Busy message
‘3’ You can choose to only record your name, this will be used within pre-recorded messages
‘4’ Temporary greeting – You can override the other greetings with a temporary option. This might be useful if you are on holiday or away for an extended period of time. Don’t forget to return to this menu to disable it after use though!
Leaving a message for someone else – transferring a call to voicemail
If you want to leave a voicemail message for another extension or transfer a caller to another persons extension you can do this by dialing * followed by the persons extension number.

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