Microsoft Management Console – Quick reference guide

Microsoft Management Console

The Microsoft Management Console is a configuration tool for system admins and advanced users.

It can be accessed from later operating systems simply by pressing the windows key followed by typing ‘mmc’ and hitting enter. In older operating systems it can be launched using the run command.


Once the tool is opened a number of msc files or ‘snap-ins’ can be loaded to allow the management of different elements of the operating system.

These mscfiles can also be called up directly without the need to add a snap-in. Unfortunately, this requires memorisation of the msc files full name, which can take some time.

Below are some of the most commonly used msc files available. Note that not all MSC files are available in all operating systems and environments. To launch one just type the full name into the run command or launch from a command prompt.

Admin AppletCommand
Quality of Service Control Managementacssnap.msc
Active Directory Managementadmgmt.msc
Active Directory Rights Managment Services Administrationadrmsadmin.msc
ADSI Editadsiedit.msc
Programs and Featuresappwiz.cpl
Authorization managerazman.msc
Bluetooth Propertiesbthprops.cpl
Certificates – Local Computercertlm.msc
Local Certificates Managementcertmgr.msc
Certification Authority Managementcertsrv.msc
Certificate Templatescerttmpl.msc
Indexing Service Managementciadv.msc
Cluster Administratorcluadmin.exe
Failover Cluster Managercluadmin.msc
Component Servicescomexp.msc
Computer Managementcompmgmt.msc
Configure Your Servercys.exe
Screen Resolutiondesk.cpl
Device Managerdevmgmt.msc
Disk Defragmenterdfrg.msc
Distributed File Systemdfsgui.msc
DFS Managmentdfsmgmt.msc
DHCP Managementdhcpmgmt.msc
Disk Managerdiskmgmt.msc
DNS Managementdnsmgmt.msc
AD Domains and Trustsdomain.msc
AD Users and Computersdsa.msc
AD Sites and Servicesdssite.msc
Event Viewereventvwr.msc
Windows Firewallfirewall.cpl
Shared Foldersfsmgmt.msc
File Server Resource Managerfsrm.msc
Microsoft Fax Service Managerfxsadmin.msc
Local Group Policy Editorgpedit.msc
Group Policy Management Consolegpmc.msc
Group Policy Management Editorgpme.msc
Group Policy Starter GPO Editorgptedit.msc
Device Managerhdwwiz.cpl
Internet Controlpanelinetcpl.cpl
Regional settingsintl.cpl
IP Address Manageipaddrmgmt.msc
Game Controllersjoy.cpl
Terminal Server Licensinglicmgr.exe
Licensing Managerllsmgr.exe
Remote Desktop Licensing Diagnoserlsdiag.msc
Local Users and Groups Managerlusrmgr.msc
Mouse Propertiesmain.cpl
AD FS Managmentmicrosoft.identityserver.msc
Sound Settings (Multimedia)mmsys.cpl
Teminal Services RDPmstsc
Teminal Services RDP to Consolemstsc /v:[server] /console
NAP Client Configurationnapclcfg.msc
Network Connectionsncpa.cpl
NFS Managementnfsmgmt.msc
Network Load balancingnlbmgr.exe
Removable Storagentmsmgr.msc
Removable Storage Operator Requestsntmsoprq.msc
Online Responder Configurationocsp.msc
Performance Monitorperfmon.msc
PKI Viewerpkiview.msc
Public Key Managementpkmgmt.msc
Power Optionspowercfg.cpl
Print Managementprintmanagement.msc
RemoteApp Managerremoteprograms.msc
Routing and Remote Access Managerrrasmgmt.msc
Remote Storage Administrationrsadmin.msc
Resultant Set of Policyrsop.msc
Remote Desktop Connection Managersbmgr.msc
Schema managementschmmgmt.msc
Local Security Settings Managersecpol.msc
Server Managerservermanager.msc
Services Managementservices.msc
SID Security Migrationsidwalk.msc
Share and Storage Maagementstoragemgmt.msc
Storage Explorerstorexpl.msc
System Propertiessysdm.cpl
Pen and Touchtabletpc.cpl
Telephony Managementtapimgmt.msc
Task Schedulertaskschd.msc
Phone and Modemtelephon.cpl
Date and Timetimedate.cpl
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Managementtpm.msc
Terminal Server Managertsadmin.exe
Remove Desktop Services Managertsadmin.msc
Terminal Server Configurationtscc.msc
Remove Desktop Session Host Configurationtsconfig.msc
Manage RD Gateway Serverstsgateway.msc
Remote Desktoptsmmc.msc
UDDI Services Managmentuddi.msc
Hyper-V Managervirtmgmt.msc
Windows Server Backupwbadmin.msc
Windows Deployment Serviceswdsmgmt.msc
Windows Firewall with Advanced Securitywf.msc
WINS Server managerwinsmgmt.msc
Windows Mangement Instumentationwmimgmt.msc
Windows Action Centerwscui.cpl
Windows System Resource Managerwsrm.msc

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