Setting up your business address on a Facebook page

Adding your businesses street address to your Facebook page can be important for a number of reasons besides the obvious. It allows your customers to access directions from their location with a single click and perhaps more importantly ‘Check In’ when they get there.

Usually adding the address is as straightforward as typing it into a single field in the ‘About’, ‘Page Info’ options. Unfortunately and for apparently random reasons this doesn’t always work. You can end up stuck with the following error, no matter what you seem to try…

‘The address you have entered could not be translated into an exact location. Please try entering the address in another way so that we can properly interpret it.’

If this is the case, the solution may be easier than you think. Unlike a lot of sites that use Postcode databases or Google’s mapping API for address applications, Facebook uses Microsoft’s Bing Maps. This is something that is easily overlooked.

If your business address won’t validate correctly on Facebook, visit Bing Places, register and validate your business then try again (the Bing Places ‘Publish Status’ will tell you when the update is complete)!

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